News & Updates

New music coming from our roster in the coming weeks & months ahead include

Jorgio Kioris - Siberia (Ian Dillon Remix) [Superordinate] August 29th 2016

Lucas Tesselhoff - Caraffini (Ian Dillon Remix) [Mystic Carousel Records] September 15th 2016

Hernan Serrao - The Trumpeter EP Inc Remix from NILA - (Pro B Tech Music) - October 3rd 2016

Mark Youssef & NoviKoff - More Than You Know - Original & One Opinion Remix - (Pro B Tech Music) - October 2016

Ian Dillon - Morning Light [Modern Agenda] end of september/ begining of October 2016

Emi Galvan - No Regrets (Ian Dillon Remix) [TBC]

DJ Samer - Atonement (Ian Dillon Remix) [Pangea Records] [TBC]

Michael Levan & Stiven Rivic - Entity (Ian Dillon Remix) [Pro-B-Tech]

Iga Dep - Fallen Angel (Ian Dillon Remix) [D&R Digital] [TBC]

Maydan - Absolute Isolation (Ian Dillon Remix) [Assymetric] [TBC]