Born in Sydney to Egyptian parents, Mark Youssef spent most of his life in his parents' hometown, Cairo, Egypt. He was first introduced to music by the age of six when he started playing drums. He later started to listen to all sorts of music, from Rock all the way to R&B till he finally found his real passion in 1996. that's when he discovered the world of Electronic music. [1997-2000] he was spinning Progressive house along with trance in Clubs all over Egypt. Meanwhile he was the resident Dj at the Sandarini Beach Club & Aida Beach Club. [2000-2006] Mark stopped completely to study for his degree in Computer Software Engineering. After such a long pause, no one expected him to get back to his previous glory, but his passion for spinning took over. he moved to his mother country Australia and lived there for some time played there in many clubs,then he returned back to Cairo,Egypt. [2006-2007] Unlike all expectations, the new year brought along his strong come-back, this time even bigger & with a whole new perspective.