Ingo Vogelmann

Ingo Vogelmann didn't find music for his life, it found him. When he's on the decks dancefloors are boiling, clubbers freak out and everyone has a long-lasting smile on his face. Ingo knows how the job has to be done. Over two decades in the scene as a DJ and producer, at FRISKY — the number 1 radio station in its field — both as host and crew member from 2005 on, Ingo runs three successful shows on the station: the 4 hours marathon show "LIGHTWORKS", the legendary Ambient show "TIME OUT" and the "Release Promo Hype Chart Essentials" where Ingo showcases the best new material from the most significant promo pool for progressive dance music. From over 200 shows on the station, all of Ingo's radio shows constantly rank within the station's Top 10 charts.

Ingo has established himself as one of the most influential figures in the field of electronic music over the years as both a DJ, and a producer. He's not only an extraordinary and charismatic DJ, but also a workhorse in the studio. 8 albums and over 150 singles and remixes mark his way. Ingo’s known for being a studio wizard, often breaking the boundaries of the possible.

In June 2014 Ingo released his 8th artist album "The Great Escape", which gained a lot of attention and superb feedback from fans and some of the world's most respected DJs and producers. As always, Ingo released it on his own imprint L2 Music.

Ingo hails from Valencia, Spain.

This man and his passion for music can only lead him — and those who are fortunate enough to hear his work — to higher places.