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Hernan Serrao began his career the young age of 16. Quickly and for his qualities as a DJ, he hadthe offer to be a resident for 7 years in a row at the legendary club from Argentina called "Buenos Aires News" (nowadays Crobar Buenos Aires), it was one of the few clubs in the 90 ́s with capacity for over 3,500 people. Then he was also resident at Superclub, El Divinio, Opera Bay, Club Pacha Buenos Aires, and presentationsas a guest at the best clubs in Argentina thanks to the exquisite of his music.

Along with his professional growth came international recognition and Hernan Serrao was invited toplaying in many cities and many South American ́s countries like Brazil, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, and we don’t have to forget to mention that Hernan is the only DJ to have played in all editions of the Southamerican Musicconference held in Buenos Aires- Argentina.

Hernan Serrao also was the first DJ to perform a gig at the exclusive Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo city-Brazil, where then and thanks to the success of the party began to hold events in that place with djs like HernanCattaneo, Lee Burridge, among others.

His music also came to Europe in 2002, being also one of the first Argentinean dj inpresented in London TheGallery @ Turnmilles with Ferry Corsten, Renato Cohen, Tania Von Pear and NataliaData. His time in Europe leave their mark and since then Hernan Serrao made annually toursin the oldcontinent, having already landed in Belgrade, Amsterdam, Budapest, Denmark, Slovenia, and the Tourperformed with Global Underground in Kaunas and Vilnius (Lithuania), Global Underground choose Hernan Serraofor the first time that Global Underground appeared in that country. Hernan was one of the only 2 or the only Argentinean dj to touring with Global Underground.

Musically he know how to combine underground music withthe sounds that people expect to hear in a club, doingpeople travel from one style to another, from deep house to progressive house, from progressive houseto tech house to finish with a hight quality protech and energetic at the same time.

As a producer Hernan Serrao has several records released in different European and American records labels and since 2013 he run his own record label called Groovenight Records". Do not stopmention his production called Jacks Funk, Track which was for four months consecutive number onesales overall Beatport chart, this track earned to the co-producer of the track (Thomas Penton) an interview in resident advisor .

Interview Link: http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature.aspx?792

At this point in his career Hernan presentations shared the best clubs in the world and together with themost recognized DJs worldwide electronic scene such as Darin Epsilon, Seb Fontaine, Green Velvet, HernánCattaneo, Gpal, Pete Heller, Sultan, Above & Beyond, Andy

Moor, Tim Andresen, Ferry Corsten, Tall Paul, NickWarren, Richei Hawtin, Judge Jules, Way Out West, Green Velvey, Omid 16bit, Sven Vath and more ..., often touring with more than one of them, as in the gig in Acapulco Along with Pole Folder,Dominic Plaza, Lexicon Av, or in Mexico DF be Darin Epsilon, Seb Fontaine, Green Velvet, Paolo Mojo, or like his tour in Argentinian coast Atlantic with Austin, Tim Davison, Circulation, Thomas Penton, Jody (way out west), to name a few.

Hernan Serrao also has his own radio show since 10 years ago called "Groovenight", the one is broadcasted in various South American countries such as Mexico,Peru, Chile, currently Groovenight is heard weekends on Vega Radio Station (Argentina)
www.vegaradio.com/remix and in Prton radio (www.protonradio.com )


HERNAN SERRAO & DRS - Siu Nim Tao (groovenight records) HERNAN SERRAO - Time In Heaven (music vise versa) HERNAN SERRAO - We'll Do It Better (music vise versa) HERNAN SERRAO - Bellote (vise versa music)

HERNAN SERRAO - I came To Stay - WeiZui recordings HERNAN SERRAO - Klub Apartman (twisted beats uk) HERNAN SERRAO - Mayan Concert - vise versa music CLAN-S - Lemi (kudeta records)

HERNAN SERRAO & DRS - Blue Moon (Convert Recording)
HERNAN SERRAO & DRS - Valseko (Pure substance)
HERNAN SERRAO & Thomas Peton - Spinhead (electric cand recordings) HERNAN SERRAO & Thomas Peton - Jacks Funk (electric cand recordings)


ANDRES SOLANO - Libela NOI (hernan serrao remix) - black Spundae
VOLODIN ANDRE - Gamera (hernan serrao house remix) - (vise versa music)
DIRTY RHYTHM sindicate - Stompa (hernan serrao remix) - (twisted beats uk)
DIRTY RHYTHM sindicate - Sonic (hernan serrao remix)
FIUSET - Mhios Disco (Hernan Serraoremix) - ce records
YESITIVE - Total Recall (Hernan Serrao Proghouse remix) - exclusive worldwilde records Remixable-Chill Collins (Hernan Serrao Proghouse remix) - exclusive worldwilde records HERNAN SERRAO vs Alanis Morrisete - Thank You (bootleg)

Live Windenergy [Christian Records]


BUENOS AIRES NEWS (Buenos Aires - Argentina) THE DIVINE (Buenos Aires - Argentina)
CINEMA (Buenos Aires - Argentina)
SUPERCLUB (Buenos Aires - Argentina)

OPERA BAY (ex divine Buenos Aires - Argentina)
BIG BEACH NEWS (Mar del Plata - Argentina)
CLUB PACHA (Buenos Aires - Argentina)
RED BULL (Official DJ of Red Bull Argentina)
PROTON RADIO (groovenight radio show - monthly)
GLOBAL STATION 93.1 FM (groovenight radio show - weekly) RAIO VEGA STATION (groovenight radio show - weekly)



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